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Hello Poco Fans!
What's up! Hope you'r all well. I'm also fine. Today i'm sharing some little but useful tricks. hope you like my post. So without waste any more time let's start.

Wake screen for notifications:-
You can see your notifications at a glance as they come in because you can set to turn on your screen automatically when you receive notifications
1) Go to Settings  Lock screen & password.
2) Turn on Wake Lock screen for notifications.

Make use of the built-in unit conversion tool:-
The Mi calculator has built-in unit conversions that can convert everything from currency and mortgage to length measurements to temperature and speed.
In the calculator app, you can tap the miui coversion icon button in the upper left corner to find the unit conversion categories.

Check if a surface is level or not:-
Open the compass app, and then slide left to get the level tool.

i) Disable the navigation buttons:-
Sure, you can go for full screen gestures to hide the navigation buttons. But if you’re not doing so, and wish to disable the navigation buttons when you’re using certain apps, you can do that automatically or manually.
1) Open the Toggle panel from the top of the screen.
2) Tap Buttons to disable/enable the navigation buttons.

ii. Disable navigation buttons automatically:-
Saves yourself the hassle of opening the toggle panel and tapping the Buttons toggle . You can set to disable the navigation buttons automatically when certain apps are running.
From your device’s Settings, go to Additional settings  Button and gesture shortcuts  Automatically disable navigation buttons.
Set Always disable for the apps you want the navigation buttons to be disabled.

Long tap the toggle buttons to access their settings:-
On the toggle panel, you can long tap a button to access its settings directly. For example, long tapping the Wi-Fi button will open the Wi-Fi settings screen.

View your phone information:-
Go to your device’s Settings  About phone, and tap on Internal storage for 5 times.

Access the hardware test menu:-
If you wish to test out your phone hardware, use either one of these methods to access the hardware test menu.
1) Enter *#*#6484#*#* on the dial pad.
2) Go to your device’s Settings  About phone, and tap on Kernel version 5 times.

Take a screenshot:-
Taking a screenshot is easy, and there are many ways to do that. Here are all the possible ways to capture your phone’s screen.
1) Press the Power button and Volume down button at the same time.
2) Press the Recent button and Volume down button at the same time.
3) Open the Toggle panel from the top of the screen, and tap the Screenshot button.
4) Slide 3 fingers down on a screen.
5) Tap the Screenshot button on Quick Ball.

Take a long screenshot:-
Got a long webpage you want to capture as a whole? Use the scrolling screenshot feature
1) As per normal, press the Power + Volume down at the same time to capture a screenshot.
2) Tap the generated thumbnail and followed by the Scroll button.

Double tap to wake the screen:-
You don’t have to reach for that power button just to wake your phone, because you can do it with double tapping the screen instead.
1) From your device’s Settings, tap Display.
2) Turn on Double tap screen to wake.

Turn off and lock screen using the Lock button:-
If you want to avoid pressing the Power button too frequently, you can place a Lock button on the Home screen that allows you to turn off your phone display.
1) Pinch a home screen using 2 fingers.
2) Tap Widgets and find and drag the Lock button to a Home screen.
3) The next time you want to turn off your screen, just tap this Lock button.

Turn on torch quickly:-
You can open the toggle panel from the top of the screen and tap the Torch button for a flashlight to find things in the dark. If you’re looking for a faster way, you can set to turn the light on by double pressing the power button. Follow the steps here to make this work

Go to Settings  Additional settings  Button and gestures shortcuts  Turn on torch.
Select Double press the Power button.

Use your phone with one hand:-
The 6.18” large display of Pocophone F1 has the one-handed mode so that you don’t have to stretch your fingers to reach the top.

Go to Settings  Additional settings  One-handed mode to turn on this feature. You can then pick the size of the virtual screen from the three options: 4.5 inches, 4.0 inches and 3.5 inches.

Use split-screen to run two apps at the same time:-
The huge screen of Pocophone F1 comes in handy for multi-tasking, letting you run two apps at the same time, one at the top while the second app at the bottom of the screen.
To use two apps in the split-screen mode, tap the Recent button on your phone and followed by the Split screen option in the upper left corner of the screen. Then, drag the first app to the area labelled as “ Drag here to use split screen”. You can then open another app at the lower half of the screen.

Switch between two previous apps quickly:-
Quick Switch makes jumping back and forth between two apps instantaneous by just double tapping the Recent button.

Create a separate space for guest or work:-
You can create a totally separate work space within your phone with the Second Space feature. The whole separate space will have separate emails, apps, photos, wallpapers and passwords.

So, if you want to share your phone with a family member or simply want a separate space for guest, just head over to Settings  Second space to turn on this feature, and follow the on-screen instructions to set a password.

Dual Apps:-
This feature is very useful for dual-SIM users who wish to use two WhatsApp accounts on their devices. And, if you have two facebook accounts, you can sign in both accounts at the same time – one in the main Facebook app, and another in the cloned Facebook app.

To clone an app, head over to the device’s Settings  Dual apps, and turn on the switches next to the apps that you want to clone. Then, the cloned app icons will be added to your home screen and app drawer for second sign in.

Move and uninstall multiple apps in one go:-
Pinch a home screen and you’ll will see a grey bubble on top of each app icon. Select the apps by tapping their icons. You can now tap and drag them to a screen thumbnail at the bottom of the screen for moving, or tap and drag them to Uninstall at the top of the screen for uninstalling.

Hide the navigation buttons and use gesture controls:-
If you fancy gestures controls (or just wish to have a bigger viewing screen), head over to Settings  Full screen display, and select Full screen gestures. You should get a prompt to learn what gestures you can perform, and it’s good that you tap Learn to practise all the gestures: Go to home screen, open recents and go back.

Wake the screen when you pick your phone:-
You can let the screen turns on automatically when you pick up your phone, letting you get a quick glance at your notifications, or allowing your phone to recognize your face to go directly to the home screen.

To enable this feature, go to Settings  Display, and enable Raise to wake. Here, you can also turn on the ability to wake the phone with a double tap on the black screen.

Use reading mode:-
Reading mode reduces blue lights, which is known to negatively impact sleep cycles and cause eye strain. If you often work or read on your phone before going to sleep, this feature can help.

Go to Settings  Display  Reading mode, and you can turn it on manually or schedule a time to let it turn on automatically.

Enable pocket mode:-
Stop being the person who accidentally calls your friends. Enable pocket mode in Settings  Lock screen & password  Advanced settings to stop any touch gestures while your phone is in your pocket

Hide unused apps that you can’t uninstall:-
1) Pinch a home with two finger and tap Settings.
2) Turn on Hide app icons.
3) Follow the on screen instructions to set your unlock password and (optional) enable fingerprint unlock.
4) In the app drawer, swipe on the screen from left to right twice, and then enter your unlock password to open the hidden app space.
5) Now, tap the ‘Checkbox’ button in the upper right corner of the screen to select the apps that you want to hide.
6) Once done, the selected apps will be hidden from your home screen and app drawer.

Enable Developer Options:-
The hidden Developer Options, as the name suggests, is built in for the benefit of developers, but you don’t have to be an Android developer to turn it on. Well, it’s cool to know how to turn it on, but you don’t need it most of the time.

1) Go to your device’s Settings  About phone  Tap MIUI version (For POCO) or 7 times.
2) You can find the Developer options in your device’s Settings  Additional settings.

Change the carrier name:-
If you wish to show a custom text instead of your carrier name in the status bar, go to Settings  Notifications & status bar  Edit carrier name to personalize it.

If you appreciate simplicity, you can turn off the carrier name display all together. Go to Settings  Notifications & status bar  Show carrier name and select Never show carrier name

Customize your with more than one theme:-
1) Open the Themes app.
2) Download the themes that you like.
3) Tap the ‘Smiley’ icon smiley in themes in the lower right corner  Customize theme.
4) Pick the component you want to customize, and then pick a theme.
5) Repeat step 4 for other components.

Use a custom icon pack:-
1) Download your favorite icon pack from the Google Play store.
2) Go to Settings  Home screen & Recents  Icon pack
3) Select the icon pack you’ve just downloaded and tap Apply.

Change the navigation button positions:-
Go to Settings  Full screen display, and turn on Mirror buttons.

Remove blank spaces between app icons automatically:-
Want your icons to automatically slide over to fill in the ugly empty space after uninstalling apps? Turn on the Fill empty cells option in Settings  Home screen & Recents.

Read QR codes using the Camera app:-
You can use the pre-installed Camera app to read QR codes. But, before doing so, you’ll need to enable this option in the camera settings.

1) From your device’s Settings  System apps  Camera.
2) Turn Scan QR codes.

Open camera using the volume down button:-
1) Go to your device’s Settings  Lock screen & password.
2) Make sure the Launch Camera switch is turned on.

Mute the shutter sound:-
1) From your device’s Settings, tap System apps  Camera.
2) Slide the Camera sounds switch to the off position.

Take photos with a tap of the fingerprint reader:-
The fingerprint reader is not all about unlocking your phone. You can also take photos with a tap of the sensor, which makes taking photos and selfies a whole lot easier. To turn this feature on, go to Settings  System apps  Camera, and turn on the Fingerprint shutter option.

Make your last used camera mode stick:-
If you want the last used camera mode to stick to become the default when the camera is opened again, turn on the Save previous mode option in the settings. This tip should come in hand for those who use a particular camera mode over and over again.

Take photos while recording videos:-
Do you know you can take photos even while you’re recording a video on your phone? You don’t have to switch mode. Just tap the Shutter button next to the Record button to take still images, which gets saved directly to the camera album in gallery.

Remove an alarm automatically:-
If there’s an alarm that you only for one time, you can turn on the Delete after goes off option in the alarm settings to have it removed automatically.

Enable alarms to ring after powered off:-
Relax, turn off your phone and go to sleep. The alarm will still work even when your phone is switched off as long as you have the Shutdown alarm option turned on in the clock settings.

Hide sensitive files in the hidden folder:-
1) Open the File Manager.
2) Swipe down on the screen and you’ll be prompted to enter your privacy protection password. If you haven’t created one, you’ll be prompted to do so now.
3) In the hidden folder, tap the three-vertical-dots Menu button  Add files to select the files you want to hide.

Transfer files between your phone and computer using FTP:-
1) Open File Manager.
2) Tap the Menu button in the upper left corner  Connect to computer.
3) Tap Start to start the FTP service, and you should see the FTP address that you can enter on your computer’s FTP client to connect to your phone. The 4) default is that you can connect to your phone via FTP anonymously (without the need to enter username and password). If you need a tighter security 5) You can set a username and password in the settings.
6) On your computer, enter the shown FTP address in Step 3 in your FTP and connect to your phone for file transfer.

Combine multiple photos into a collage:-
1) Open the Gallery app.
2) Tap the three-vertical-dots Menu button  Collage.
3) Now, you can select up to 4 photos, followed by selecting a layout and save.

Hide unwanted albums:-
1) Open Gallery.
2) Go to Albums tab, long tap the album you want to hide, and select Make invisible.

Keep your private photos private:-
1) In Gallery, select the photos you want to hide, and tap Hide (at the bottom of the screen).
2) To access the hidden album, you can swipe down on the Albums tab. Enter your privacy protection password (you’ll will be prompted to set one up if you haven’t done so).
3) Here, you can select the photos to unhide as well.

Pin a conversation:-
1) Open the Messaging app.
2) Long tap the conversation you want to pin, and then tap the Pin button at the bottom of the screen.
3) Lock important messages to prevent them from being deleted
When you have important text messages, locking them can help to keep them from being deleted.

To lock messages, select the messages and tap More  Star. When deleting messages or conversation, just make sure you don’t check the ‘Delete locked messages’ option and you important message will be saved from deletion.

Hide private conversations:-
1) Here’s how to set it up.
2) Open the Messaging app.
3) Swipe down on the screen and enter your policy protection password to open the Private messaging space.
4) Tap the Settings button at the bottom of the screen  ‘Add private contact’ to enter a contact that you want the messages to be hidden privately.
5) All messages to this contact will appear in the Private messaging space instead of the main inbox.

To record calls automatically:-
1) Go to your device’s Settings  System apps  Call settings  Call recording
2) Turn on Record calls automatically.
3) Here, you can also set whether to record all incoming calls or just the selected numbers.

Press the Power button to end calls:-
If you find the common method of ending calls (bringing your phone away from your ear and tapping the End call button) is way too slow, use the Power button. Follow these steps to enable this feature.
1) From your device’s Settings, tap Additional settings  Accessibility
2) Turn on Power button end calls.

Silent phone ringing quickly:-
1) Press the Power button.
2) Press either Volume + or –
3) Flip the phone to face down. Note: For this method to work, you’ll need to enabled the Flip to silence ringer option in the incoming call settings.

Block all incoming calls quickly:-
1) On pre-installed dialer, tap the Menu button  Blocklist
2) Tap the Settings (Gear) button in the upper right corner of the screen.
3) Make sure Blocklist is turned on.
4) Tap Rules, and then select Block everything.

Use face and fingerprint unlock:-
1) Want to use your face for security? Go to Settings  Lock screen & password  Add face data and it’ll scan your face in.
If you prefer fingerprint scanning, then you can tap Add fingerprint in the same Lock screen & password settings to add your fingerprint.

Share your Wi-Fi network using a QR code:-
If your friend wants to connect to the same Wi-Fi network you’re currently using, you can share the Wi-Fi password using a QR code. Here’s how
1) In the device’s Settings, tap Wi-Fi.
2) Tap on the Wi-Fi network you’re currently connected to, and it will show a QR code.

Special thanks to Najju Bhai for helping me and providing Screenshots.

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