[size=16.7383px]It is really annoying that in my pocofone F1 the scheduled power on and power off isn't working. Coming in detail only "scheduled power off" works but it won't turn on in the "scheduled power on" time. To make sure I tried different scheduled timings but every time the result is same.it won't power on itself ....I have to turn it on myself every single time. The most annoying thing is even I put an alarm after the scheduled power on time ..guess what!!  it won't wakeup to the alarm.  No power on no alarm...  No fix in the January update. To the best of my knowledge  I have been facing this issue from November 2018.
[size=16.7383px]Any one having the same issue please reply.
[size=16.7383px]And every pocofone users check the scheduled power on and off feature