Xiaomi has never failed to surprise us by its wide variety of products, and this time they bring one of those devices that are a bit more unusual. Please welcome Xiaomi MG – WF001, a water dispenser for your pets.

From the manufacturer KITTEN & PUPPY, this great product will ensure a good daily hydration for our pets. This will be safe and free of diseases thanks to its characteristic of quadruple filtration and circulation of water, among other attractions that could interest anyone. Do not miss anything about this product!

  • Product model: MG-WF001
  • Product color: White
  • Input: DC5V 500mA
  • Rated power: 2.5w
  • Product size: 190.190.174 mm
  • Capacity: 2L
  • Body weight: 1.2kg
  • Manufacturer: Beijing Cat & Dog Technology Co., Ltd
  • Designed by Kitten & Puppy Team Beijing Cat & Dog Technology Co

Package contents
  • Water dispenser machine x1
  • Water storage top cover x1
  • filter tank x1
  • transparent storage bucket x1
  • rubber guide hose x1
  • RGD power adapter
  • Power supply
  • Instruction manual

Installation instructions
Remove the water dispenser and accessories
Clean the water storage top cover, the transparent water storage tank inner wall and the filter element slot.
Soak the core in the water for 2 minutes / 4 into the nmnvaz swollen
Transparent storage bucket to add water up until the MIN line, below the MAX line
Connect the power adapt 8.1 to the water dispenser ABRO.
Key operation instructions
  • Press power on and off according to the status indicator light on both sides of the indicator light will turn on at the same time for 2 seconds & then switch off
  • If the machine is powered on without an indicator light: This is normal functioning of the machine.
  • If the red light is intermittently lit: water shortage reminder which means we need to add water.
  • If the red light is Constantly lit: water shortage reminder and the pump has stopped working. Please replace the water supply indicator with the water shortage indicator.
  • When the water filter is expired, it needs to be replaced. After the replacement, press and hold the key for 3 seconds. The orange light flashes.

Power adapter description: Plug the power cord interface of the adapter into the USB port on the bottom of the fuselage. Insert the adapter plug into the power supply. Click the power button on the front of the fuselage. The indicators on both sides will turn off after 2 seconds, and the water dispenser will start working.

Use the filtered water to clean the inside of the transparent water tank, the water storage top cover and the filter element. At the time of delivery, the company induces a small amount of activated carbon powder with, which is a normal. It can be washed with water. According to the water quality and pet drinking habits, regularly carry out the cleaning of water storage tank, water storage top cover, filter tank, filter and silicone water conduit. It should be cleaned at least twice a week. These changing of water prevents fouling. An abnormal phenomenon such as poor water quality or poor water supply. It has to be used in a dry indoor environment. Do not place the product at a high place. Keep the machine horizontal when using it. Do not tilt or overturn the bucket. Do not use hot water or please do not block the power cord or keep it free from the pet's bite to avoid damage. Do not disassemble or repair the device.


The Xiaomi MG – WF001 handles an innovative way of continuous circulation in a square shape that breaks the tension of the surface of the water and increases considerably the oxygen content in it, making the quality more fresh and tasty. The design of the jet surface also helps to keep the water clean and free of dirt. One of the main characteristics of this water dispenser is its quadruple filtration, which intercepts impurities such as fine particles, hair, residual chlorine, heavy metal ions, etc., constantly purifying water for 24 hours. It is divided into four layers, each one of different materials DESIGNED to different types of purification: nonwoven fabric, perforated cotton, coconut shell activated carbon and ion exchange resin. It is recommended to change the filter cartridges every 30 days to achieve more efficient filtration results. Similarly, it is advisable to soak any new filter in clean water for 2 minutes before installing it, as it could have dust or other types of factory dirt, which is normal.
Finally, we have the silent design of the suspended water pump, which works at a low pressure of 5V and 0.5A, which considerably reduces the resonance frequency below 40dB. The energy consumption is minimal and the length of the adapter cable reaches 1.2 meters.

This is a short video of Bholu enjoying his water fountain