Hi, POCO fans with the new pie update in the stable room it brings some features with it which consist of Google lens which is kind of cool and nifty feature that does a lot of things with the use of a camera like find history of the place and essential info that can be brought forward from the web without the use of typing. It's kind of cool and very fast in getting answers but make sure that you have a proper network or it might take some time to get the info of the search detail.

Now let's see how to access the Google lens from the MIUI camera this is pretty simple
Go to the camera then access the setting icon the top of the right-hand side top corner.
Then you can find an option as Google access
By pressing it will re-direct you to the Google lens from the MIUI Camera.

Let's see some of the features of the Google lens how it can be used efficiently.
1. Copying text from Real world to your Mobile instantly.
2. Detecting Flowers, Animal, Painting and much more.
3. Adding a contact instance.
4. Scanning URL and opening in Mobile.
5. Adding Events
6. Get Review and rating of the restaurant.

Well, this is some of the features that you can do in your Google lens.
If you want to see how each step will work let us know we will update you!

So, if you know any more feature let us know we are excited to know.
Thanks for the Patience.

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