Hello Poco Fans

Xiaomi has once again revealed that MIUI research and development has commenced and was seeking the opinion of fans on what they expect from the new system. One of the respondents mentioned battery life and power saving as the two most important features he expects the new MIUI version to come with. That comment turned out to be a very popular one as it has generated over 11000 likes.

The popularity of the comment isn’t really much of a surprise as those are some of the most important considerations for most phone users. Most times, a new operating system version usually brings new features, some of which lead to quicker battery drain as a result of new tasks for the phone to handle. Other respondents mention features such as night mode, smarter OS, and features similar to iOS shortcuts among others.

Xiaomi had earlier hinted last year that its focus will be on real needs of users in the development of MIUI 11. The company further stated that the focus on MIUI 11 will not be on making a big difference in the user interface between MIUI 10 and MIUI 11. Instead, the design will be focused on the real needs of consumers. The rollout is still months away but we believe the next-gen custom ROM will bring impressive features.