Hello poco fans

On 10th of January Redmi by Xiaomi launched it's 1st Redmi Phone of the year 2019 named Redmi Note 7
Redmi Note 7 offers features that no others can match . Main Highlight of this phone is it's 48MP camera .Everyone wants to get hands on this phone and test out it's camera how well it perform in every condition. So today I will be talking about its 48 MP camera sea
nsor "Samsung Isocell GM1" sensor .

Samsung Electronics, a world leader in advanced semiconductor technology,  introduced  new 0.8-micrometer (μm) pixel image sensors – the 48-megapixel (Mp) Samsung ISOCELL Bright GM1.

Demand for ultra-small, high-resolution image sensors are growing as smartphones evolve to deliver new and more exciting camera experiences for users,” said Ben K. Hur, vice president of System LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics. “With the introduction of our cutting-edge 0.8μm-pixel Samsung ISOCELL Bright GM1 image sensor, we are committed to continue driving innovation in image sensor technologies.”

The GM1  sensors are based on the company’s latest pixel isolation technology – the ISOCELL Plus* – which optimizes performance especially for smaller-dimension pixels, making them the ideal solution for today’s super-resolution cameras. In addition, thanks to Tetracell technology, where four pixels are merged to work as one to increase light sensitivity, the GM1  can deliver light sensitivity equivalent to that of a 1.6μm-pixel image sensor at 12Mp  The sensor also support Gyro-based electronic image stabilization (EIS) for fast and accurate image capture.

The photos output by the GM1 hardware are not essentially different from the photos output by 12 million sensors.

Samsung GM1 also adopts Quad Bayer pixel arrangement, which can combine four 0.8μm pixels into one by four-in-one pixel technology (Pixel binning). A large pixel of 1.6 μm (the output photo becomes 12MP) increases the amount of light entering the camera

The data disclosed by Samsung's official website can also prove this point. We can see in the specification table of GM1 that its resolution is 4000×3000, which is 12 million pixels

Some amazing Pic shot on Redmi Note 7 48 MP camera

Let me conclude that theGM1's 48 million pixels is essentially 12 million pixels. Even if the phone can output 48 megapixel photos, it is more like interpolation