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2018-09-19 12:23:17
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We have selected our first group of moderators who will sail boldly with us on our maiden voyage! Get in touch with them through the community or contact them over Telegram for any queries or if you just feel like finding a new friend!

Now that we have got the community going, we need to prepare for what comes next. As more users start visiting the community, we will soon need help in making sure the community remains in the best shape possible. So you get the point, we need new moderators!!

At POCO, we believe that moderation doesn't only have to be a reactive process focusing on what is going wrong in the community, but also serve a broader role wherein thebarriers of participation are removed and people are encouraged to interact and talk to each other. So we are inviting the most passionate of you lot to help us out in providing better support on POCO Community.

As a moderator, you will serve a central role in working together with admins and officials down the line to uphold the central tenets of our community, while helping countless POCO fans find a home here. If you have previous forum management experience that would be a big plus! Initially you will be provided the title of Intern Moderator, and after the first phase of assessment, will be promoted to Moderator.

Core Responsibilities
·      Resolving conflicts/removing bad content
·      Creating high-quality threads on relevant sections
·      Structuring the community section and keeping it clean. Edit, move, merge, or remove threads or posts that do not comply with related rules
·      Monitor interaction and help in concentrating activity within threads
·      Stimulate Discussions
·      Adapt Guidelines as and when required
·      Keep your section neat and clean. Do moderations wherever required
·      Organize online events for better user participation

What We Are Looking For?
We are looking for Moderators for the following segments:
·      1 Moderator for POCO Section
·      1 Moderator for Gaming Section
·      1 Moderator for Custom ROM Section
·      1 Moderator for Photography Section
·      2 Moderators for MIUI and Feedback Sections
·      2 Moderators for General and Tips and Tricks Sections
·      2 Moderators for Off-Topic Section and Technology Sections

How to Apply?
Reply to this thread with the following details
·      A brief introduction of yourself ( Includes your brief intro, Key points, hours you can contribute in a day, previous forum experience(if any), and achievements.)
·      Device(s) you are using
·      Mention the section you prefer
·      Why do you think you are eligible for the section you chose above?
·      Links to your previous work or sample threads created by you

·      Higher read permission
·      Forum threads management
·      Promotion to higher management levels
·      Talk to POCO Community Admin team directly
·      Prizes from the POCO CommunityTeam
·      Priority to join POCO CommunityOfficial Events

·       For Phase 1 of POCO Community Operations, we will assess the moderators on a monthly basis following which, the 2 highest performing moderators will be given exciting prizes

Other Requirements
·      Willing to follow POCOCommunity Rules and carry out duties responsibly
·      Humble, good listener, and learner.
·      Candidate must be a good team player and cooperative with other users
·      A good command over English is necessary
·      In case of roles for specific sections such as Gaming, MIUI for POCO, etc. candidate must have good background knowledge of the subject
·      Familiar with POCO and what we stand for (or be really good at Googling, searching online for answers or simply just asking fellow mods humbly).
·      Have enough time to be online at least 2-3 hours a day

19 Sep 2018 – 08 Oct 2018

By 16 Oct 2018



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2018-09-19 12:23:17
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I want to apply for Moderator for MIUI and Feedback Sections. Also beta tester for global poco f1
I use poco f1 and i can contribute about 1-2 hours in a day. I have previous experience in xda and many greek tech sites (10 years and more)
2018-09-19 16:03:39
Hi, I would like to apply for moderator in POCO section and  Gaming section. I can contribute 1 to 2 hrs per day. Regards, Ritesh Gupta.
2018-09-19 16:16:40


Hey, I am Shavi Suri from India, Punjab, Pathankot. I am a B.tech CSE student right now. I am a web developer and do free lancing work as my part time job. I can easily contribute minimum 1.5-2 hours per day. I had previous forum experience in forum.letv.com/in, I was in top five member in that community but now that community is permanently down in India.

Right now, I am using this amazing Poco F1.

I will prefer all section except photography and gaming section, because i am not a good photographer and I am not a hardcore gamer. So i think i not right person for it.
And I will recommend all other sections for me. I will be lucky if i will get any of them.  

I am eligible for these sections because I will love to do help all other people. I can help them in MIUI section regarding all issues, I can check their Off topics , I will be happy to get their feedback. Overall, I am sure I am a right person to be a MOD.
Thanks for giving this opportunity.
2018-09-19 16:27:39
Beta testing for this awesome community going on. ;) ;)
hey, where is the tech section and no recruitment for tech mod?
2018-09-20 12:41:09


FF8 |


Applying for section: MIUI OR Feedback OR OFF -TOPIC OR General OR Tips n Tricks.

Hi Admins/ Mods,
This is FF8 (Ex. Spam Hunter Member & Ex. Device Team Member) From india.
I want apply for moderator because i think i am eligible for this post & i know the work and responsibility of moderator as i worked as i also worked as a spam hunter member, so i know the management rules, how to use this rules etc. I can also Make a Original tutorial & Tips n Tricks Threads. i can manage this section(s) easily in which i applied(only one). i also know how to flash rom and some other techy stuffs. i Want to join here in POCO Community & Want to help community to grow up.

Why Should you select me?
  • I have Created Lots of Quality threads being in Device Team & Spam hunter team.
  • I can give 4-5 Hours a Day to Mi Community.
  • I am a Quick Learner and I am also fluent in Speaking English.
  • I am familiar with all the rules of Mi Community india.

Responsibility that i will follow:
  • Create quality threads which will help users.
  • Answer and help users to solve their problems timely.
  • Offer guidance to community members to help them use the POCO community properly
  • Edit, move, merge, or remove threads or posts that do not comply with Section rules
  • Organize online events to activate the forum.

My Work & Thread Links:
FF8 Profile Link (Link Clikable)
You can checkout my past contribution from mi community here.

Waiting for selection!
Thanks & Regards
2018-09-20 12:43:53
Moderator of MIUI General & Tips & Tricks. Use 'reply' option for faster responce.

Top Cat

Doc.Kuldip | from mobile


Hi, I am Dr.Kuldip Batabyal , I am a vivid user of miui forum . I hve been a miui forum member for a long period . Bought this beast named poco f1 in the 1st sale . As a doctor I hve to communicate a lot of persons in daily basis . So , I will be able to communicate and discuss various matters with the members of this nascent group . Can also guide them to resolve their problems related to this community.
2018-09-20 13:58:48


paramgagan | from mobile


I would like to apply for Moderator for POCO or OFF Topic or MIUI General section
I think I have required experience to guide users, listen to their queries & answer them to their satisfaction

About Myself
Name : Gagandeep Singh
Age : 29
Occupation :Engineer (ECE)
Country : India

Always worked for the betterment of the forum, previously handled the Devices Section in Mi Community in capacity of Device SMOD and Device team Leader, also i was SMOD for Mi 4 & Mi 5 sction En forum, Have over 5 years of managing forum/community .So I am already familiar will all the rules. Self-motivated and active contributor without any expectation. I am ready to take responsibility to make forum neat and clean by applying all the required method that is/will be defined in Forum rules and I will make sure that I will be completely aware of the duties & guidelines of the Forum Moderators so that all the action taken by me will fall under the forum rules. I am very much Familiar with MIUI and its features and I feel I can do much more for the poco forum, and thanks to fellow POCO-er's supports.

I look forward to working for the betterment of the  Forum because I am totally obsessed with it.

These are my Past Experiences :

  • I'm familiar with MIUI and its features since few years.
  • I have a good understanding of MIUI related forums.
  • I am familiar with Basic Flashing / Fastboot & Recovery.
  • I have previous forum management experience.
  • I have experience in playing with MIUI ROM's as well as other roms too.
  • I have tested several MIUI ROM for several devices, so I am familiar with bugs and problems user face. And i also know the solutions for several problems and issues user face.
  • I can be online more than 3 Hours per day.
  • I have good experience in Organizing different contests and events.
  • I have Created Lots of Quality threads
  • Trained intern moderators during my period as a moderator & S Mod in MI community
  • Tested many MIUI ROMs including Alpha and Beta roms for many devices that I own and use.

My Contribuitions & Works

You can view the contribuitions of my works here in these links
My Space/ Contribution (on Mi community)
My Contributions (on Global forum)

i was first ont to Start Q&A series in Mi community (also among one of the first one in Global Forum) which got more than 10laks views(overall).

Thank You, Everyone! if u Feel I Am Capable For This Post Do Support Me!

Gagandeep Singh
2018-09-20 14:48:09
Happy to Help

Top Cat

devguptami | from mobile


Hey I'm Devender. I'm a full time geek and a part time blogger, I would love to contribute 1- 2 hours for General and Tips and Tricks Sections and Photography I'm admin at gizmoxo.com and author at techripon and some more sites  Right now, I am using Poco F1 and Redmi Note 4
2018-09-20 15:04:28
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