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Like every Sub-section Here you can also share your Doubts/Issues but before that, you have to follow below mentioned Rules and Regulations.

Rules & Regulations
We are certain that the greater part of us comes from various nations with various dialect, yet please attempt to use English regardless of whether you are not by any means great with it. This is a global forum and your thread will be discernible by anybody from any country.

Search before Posting a Thread
  • This is the most essential thing you do before begin posting a thread in any section. On the off chance that you don't pursue this, any rehashed thread will be erased.
  • Various threads on one topic will be erased/combined. The thread which has rich and exceptional substance will be kept, at that point, it doesn't make a difference who posted it first or not.

Spamming is restricted
  • Spam is posting any content that isn't inside the topic of dialog or does not contribute anything to the gathering, regardless of whether off-point OR on topic. Keep the forum perfect and clean.
  • Post or threads just with Smileys will be considered as a spam. What's more, they will be erased instantly. On the off chance that you continue posting endlessly, you will be cautioned/prohibited.
  • Making threads just to grab the eye of users are not permitted, pointless threads are not permitted and will be managed likewise. Making threads to make clear inquiries isn't permitted.

No Nudity, Profanity, Racism and Swear
  • We don't endure any over the top foulness at all. In the site that you are observed to utilize obscenity every now and again, your posts will be dealt in like manner.
  • Sharing and posting nakedness/obscene pictures in thread or symbol is illegal. Additionally, obscenity, prejudice and swear on others specifically or by implication will be given an immediate cautioning or boycott on the off chance that it is not kidding in a way that influences the amicability in the forum.
  • It's not worthy to post bare/obscene symbolism or applications dependent on the same topic. Individual assaults, racial, political and religious discourses won't go on without serious consequences.

Fighting with anybody here is disallowed
  • Kindly be well mannered to another user.
  • Kindly keep this gathering in harmony with no battles.
  • Try not to use any aggravating words here.

Thread Title ought to be direct and clear
  • Try not to post misty title. Nobody will recognize what your thread is about by seeing that title. Be particular and exact. It's simpler for others to seek, encourage you or read your thread in regards to the point.
  • Continuously use Good, Descriptive Titles for New Threads. Try not to be astounded if an arbitrator changes the title of your new thread to make it more enlightening.

Always post adequate contents in your threads
  • Try not to post a thread with empty contents or rehash the title. One-liner threads like, Nice POCO, I love POCO or any such are not allowed within this section as it doesn't have any enough information by which others are not able to understand. Such threads will be deleted on site.

Deals and Advertisements is entirely not permitted
  • Not a solitary deal is permitted in this forum, regardless of whether you are offering Xiaomi items!
  • Sharing outsider dealer link isn't permitted also, in light of the fact that we don't prescribe users to buy Xiaomi items through outsider vendor.
  • Offering or Buying of gadgets and devices, regardless of whether it is Xiaomi item are not permitted in Forum. Whenever discovered, he or she will be cautioned or straightforwardly restricted, relies upon the seriousness of thread/post.
  • Try not to spam, offer or exchange.
  • Posting promotions/trademarks/sites for a particular programming/application and so forth in answers, threads, individual information or pm are not permitted.
  • Any kind of publicizing, work offers, pay age in private messages, are entirely restricted and will be managed appropriately.

Try not to post warez or paid or copyright contents
  • You should give credits to the part/group whose work you use (on the off chance that you utilized) or make for each application referral to Google Play store connect.
  • Try not to post applications for other mobile OS with the exception of Android.
  • Try not to incorporate copyrighted or warez content into your threads.
  • All links to applications/games/ROMs/programming/tools are permitted, as long as the links do not require an enlistment, advance a specific site or use publicizing URL redirection benefit.
  • Paid (copyrighted) applications, games, and so forth are not permitted.

Guides on Thread Type
  • For thread which you want to discuss with people in the forum. Note that a discussion normally will not have an absolute answer, and can be discussed for a long time.
Reviews & Unboxing
  • For thread which you shared opinions about POCO or anything related to this phone, whether it's your own reviews or others (blogger or tech site) reviews.
  • For thread which has nothing related to above thread types mentioned.

Measures were taken by Officials
First: Warning to the user (Max 3 times).
Second: Ban for 7days (Can be extended up to 3 months depending on the case)
Third: Permanent Ban.

Disclaimer: POCO section Mods are not responsible if you don't read the rules and don't follow the rules. If your thread or post gets deleted and if you get any warnings or ban, then only you will responsible for that. Don't ask unnecessary questions in PM, and don't fill unnecessary complaints because all the rules are stated clearly. Please read the rules beforehand. Thank You!
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