Hello POCO Fans,

On behalf of the Gaming Section Moderators, we welcome you to the Gaming Section in the POCO Community. This is a newly introduced section, so I would like to mention some of the rules and guidelines regarding this section, for everyone’s information.
Rules & Guidelines

1) Search Before You Post

Before you post a thread, make sure that it's not posted before. The thread which you are going to post might be posted by any other user before, so it's better not to post the same content again and again. Moderators might delete your thread if it has been previously posted before. So how to avoid this problem? There is a search function in the POCO Community. Use the search function to search for the threads.

2) English as the Main language

For better communication and understanding, use English as the main language in your threads. Even if you are not fluent in English, you must anyway use it in your threads, then only other users/moderators can understand your issues and can help you.

3) No Spamming

When replying to a thread, please refrain from posting a few replies at once. This is a Community forum and not a chatroom. Make sure you ask/reply your question/thoughts at once. We want the threads to be neat and clean. The following content will be considered as spam and deleted on sight without any further notice:
  • Posts with exclamations like "wow", "yes", "yeah", "alright" etc.
  • Posts with shorts like "thx", "thanx", "thz" etc. This is definitely not a chatroom, it's a forum.
  • Posts, containing only words like "Thankzzzzzzz", "Niceeeeeeeee", "Downloadddddddd", "coooollll" etc.
  • Posts with only emoticons. This is a tech forum, not a chat room. If you have something to say please articulate and address those thoughts. Emoticons have to complete your posts, not to replace your writing!
  • Posts with the name of the thread (or part of it).
  • Posts with only links. Do not post such posts! It's the minimum respect for your readers to put the information in your thread. Please, do not send them to read from 3rd party sites, with expectations to answer you in your thread.
  • Posts that are not on the topic of the thread like Off-topic posts. If you have any specific problem with that model or another one, post in the right thread/section
  • Multiple posts in one thread by the same user. According to their content, they will be merged or deleted and only the first one will remain. If you have missed something, use the Edit option instead and edit your posts.
  • Posts, containing one and the same word, written multiple times like "ok ok", "Thanks Thanks", "Yeah Yeah" etc.
  • Other content, considered as spam by the mods according to the forum rules.
4) No Off-Topic Reply

Please do not reply with unrelated topic or content in a thread. For example, asking when is next MIUI update for POCO in this Rules & Guidelines thread is considered as an off-topic reply. Do not blame moderators for deleting your replies without any reason, as you have been warned from here.

5) No Nudity, Profanity, Racism and Swear

Sharing and posting nudity/pornographic images in thread or avatar is forbidden. Also, profanity, racism and swear on others directly or indirectly will be given a direct warning or ban if it is serious in a way that affects the harmony in the POCO community.

6) Direct & Clear Title

Do not post title like" MIUI ROM" or "Issue" etc. No one will know what is your thread about by looking at that title. Be specific and precise. It's easier for others to search, help you or read your thread regarding the topic.

7) Sufficient Contents

Do not post a thread with empty contents or repeat the title. Please provide us with more info if you want to ask a question or share with us your tips. Moderators might delete your thread if it was empty. Threads with only images and without any content will also be deleted. We want sufficient contents in your thread, to know the question properly.

8) Flaming, inciting hatred or instigating flamebait are prohibited.

Flaming or posting with a lack of respect is not acceptable. Please do not flame other users. This is a friendly community. And as such you are expected to be courteous and follow general posting etiquette. And flamer will be dealt with accordingly.

9) Fighting with another user's is prohibited here.

Please be polite to another user. Please keep this forum in peace without any fights. Don't use any disturbing word's here

10) Sales & Advertisements

Not a single sale is allowed in this forum, even if you are selling Xiaomi products! Same goes to advertisements for your personal products, apps or services. Sharing 3rd party seller link is not allowed as well, because we do not recommend users to purchase Xiaomi products via 3rd party seller. There is always a chance of getting a fake product from them. Any type of advertising, job offering and income generation in threads, replies, PM will be deleted and the user will be warned one time, the second time he/she will be banned for minimum 14 days!

11) Piracy Not Allowed

Since this is a Gaming section, this additional rule is applicable here. Users are not allowed to post threads asking for cracks/mods/patches or any illegal piracy activities here. Such threads will be deleted on sight. We request users to buy games from Original sources as it will help the developers in releasing new games too. Using any of the pirated apps/tools is not recommended and such threads will be deleted with a warning given to the users accordingly to the degree of their action.

Guides on Thread Types

When a user is posting a new thread, he/she will be asked to select a thread type/category. Selecting the appropriate category/type is very important while creating a thread. For those who are unaware of the thread types/categories in the Gaming Section, here are the following:

1) Reviews
This type is for posting reviews about games. Please note that when creating reviews for games, make sure that its either created by you with sufficient contents with images/videos. If the review is not created by you and is being referred from other websites, make sure to credit the author of the review and also mention the source from which the review was obtained. If the original author asks for copyright issues, with the content that you have posted, we will delete your thread with a warning for you too.
2) Find Gamers
Want some players to play with? Tired of playing games alone? Not anymore. The POCO Community is bringing a new type/category of threads where you can find players for the addictive games. Find teammates for PUBG, Fortnite etc from here.
3) Collections
Have some exciting games in your collections? It's time to show them off. Post your coolest collections of games here in this thread category/type, so that others can also find what games you actually post
4) Others
This type is for threads which don't belong to the above 3 categories/types. If you are having doubts, it's better to post the thread in the Others category.

Measures taken by Moderators/Officials if any user violates the above rules and regulations
1) First -Warning will be given to the user ( Maximum 3 times)
2) Second - Ban for a period of 7 days to 3 months depending on the severity of the violation
3) Third - Permanent Ban

Anything that you are not clear about these rules & guides, feel free to ask. We hope you enjoy your stay in this Community. Have a nice day!

Note: For more detailed info, you can contact Moderators. And if you have any problem please tag the concerned moderators, we will try to solve your problem.

Disclaimer: Gaming Section Management Staff is not responsible if you don't read the rules and don't follow the rules. If your thread or post gets deleted and if you get any warnings or ban, then only you will responsible for that. Don't ask for unnecessary questions in PM, and don't fill unnecessary complaints because all the rules are stated clearly. Please read the rules beforehand. Thank You!


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