[Discussion] [DEBATE] Are Premium Flagships Getting Slowly Replaced By Affordable Flagships?

2018-11-14 21:00:35
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We all love using a Flagship Phone. Lots of new mobile phones are launching every week around the world. Currently we are going through phase of mobile era, where all the smartphones more or less having the same specs ut, there are one or more features, which are more important to us in a phone. So, that one feature turns into a deciding factor for changing the old Phone.The industry has undoubtedly changed dramatically in the past two years, and the rise of the affordable phone in emerging markets meant new focus points for OEMs to concentrate on — ones where high-end flagships weren’t the best bet.

In this sense, the so-called “flagship killer” phones did add to the fire and contribute to what seems to be a slow decline in flagships’ year-after-year improvements. The middle-range is becoming an increasingly competitive segment, with fierce OEMs trying to find the perfect formula of bang-per-buck. On the matter, I questioned whether this would be yet another sign of “the slow death of flagships”, at least as we know them.

It is no secret that many of the newer flagship phones are too similar to their predecessors when it comes to design and specifications, and those who radically alter either of the two tend to do so by compromising key selling-points of previous iterations. The new middle-range is advancing with devices like the POCO F1 models, which compete at flagship level with a much lower price point.

So we want to ask you

Are Premium Flagships Getting Slowly Replaced By Affordable Flagships?
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Premium flagships still drive technology forward in terms of hardware and features, and as long as there are people wanting the best of the best, there will be a market for them
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Affordable flagships are anytime better coz its just a phone and maybe you will replace it with a new one in a year or two so no point in spending much money where you get the same specs in affordable flagships like Mi4


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2018-11-14 21:00:35
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Premium flagships might be getting more expensive, but that also means access to the highest quality materials. Are they always necessary? Maybe not, but it can't be denied that if one is financially flexible, they will always splurge more on the premium flagship. The affordable flagship will win in the long run, but there is still some time to go.
2019-01-24 12:18:49
Over time, Premium phones will go away, because they have a dangerous competitor POCO!
2019-01-26 15:28:51

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1601112621 | from mobile


Most of the more expensive flagships splurge on materials and this is the reason for higher prices. In the real, performance is a greater determinant of desirability for the average mobile device user. So why payore for premium materials when the same performance can be gotten for less? Some people rather get both, premium materials and performance. Some others are more comfortable with performance. The Poco F1 has proven this time and again. Strip the extra glass and waterproofing and there's little else that the device cannot achieve so it's a no-brainer.
2019-01-29 15:33:20

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1590372280 | from mobile


Affordable flagship killers are not flagship killers in every aspect.To take affordable flagship killers we need to compromise in lot of things.But Poco like phones needs to change very regularly if any phones will come with better specs.But flagships no need to change.They have sufficient technology for entire year to compeate to other brands also like samsung.Poco is for processor and battery oriented and price.Poco  is not complete flagship killer.
2019-01-29 15:41:24

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5178575588 | from mobile


When the display is not good , it speaks everything, a common user see how the display is , particularly Indian units, xiaomi claims only 0.3% units suffering the bleeding issue, but i see customers are crying on this in twitter and other forums, as a poco f1 user i  really appreciate Xiaomi to bring this in affordable price, but not with display, even the replacement unit also not good, i am using armour edition 6/128 GB.
2019-01-29 17:11:18
Just compare the premium Samsung - a couple of features maybe extra - but several times more failures ...!
2019-02-01 16:28:11
awesome phone
2019-02-09 15:46:03
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