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2018-11-20 12:56:23
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..and welcome to another interesting custom ROM review from °~grandpa ~° aka flashpa.I hope you're doing fine these days and enjoy your precious time. In the meantime I have purchased another great Xiaomi device - the amzanig Pocophone F1. The Master of Speed!
And maybe you know me from numerous threads about ROMs and co. for the Redmi 1s, Mi 4, Mi 4s, Mi A1 and more. Custom ROMs, mods, recoveries - that is my world an my hobby.

So, I don't want to bother you with tons of facts about the Poco F1, because I think you're know them all. But just few words: Poco F1 is my 11th Xiaomi device and definitely the best I ever had (OK, I will never forget my first love and maybe my all time favourite, the amazing Redmi 1s). The Poco F1 have really everything I need: speed, a huge battery, a nice camera and a simple, clear design. Simple, no frills!
If you know me, then you will assume that I am using custom ROMs on my Pocophone F1. Unfortunatley I have missed to write an thread about all this great ROMs like LOS 16, NOS, Pixel Experience, Xiaomi.eu MIUI 10 and others.
At the moment I am testing many ROMs for some extraordinary devs and sometimes it's hard to flash the same steps repeatedly. But i have also  tested (and using it ofcourse)
Multi-ROM, which makes all much easier. Agreat hack, a great tool!

You've heard about Multi-ROM? No? Then let me present it:

MultiROM is one-of-a-kind multi-boot mod. It can boot any Android ROM as well as other systems like Ubuntu Touch, once they are ported to that device. Besides booting from device's internal memory, MultiROM can boot from USB drive connected to the device via OTG cable. The main part of MultiROM is a boot manager, which appears every time yourdevice starts and lets you choose ROM to boot. You can see how it looks on the left image below and in gallery. ROMs are installed and managed via modified TWRP recovery. You can use standard ZIP files to install secondary Android ROMs and MultiROM even has its own installer system, which can be used to ship other Linux-based systems.

And last night  the great Vasishath released the Multi-ROM build for public. Maybe you know this amazing guy from XDA or from one of my threads here.

So, if you want to test this hack as well, let us start. But be warned: this tutorial is intended for advanced and experienced smartphone users only.


None of this is my work. I am not the creator of this hack. I am only sharing my experience about ROMs, hacks and mods which I am flashing on my smartphones. And really my experience only!!!! Nothing else!!! All credit & thank belongs to the developers!
WARNING: It _is_ dangerous. This whole thing is basically one giant hack - none of these systems are made with multibooting in mind. It is no longer messing with data partition or boot sector, but it is possible that something goes wrong and you will have to flash factory images again. This is not a simple flashing of custom recoveries and ROM's. You'll need some experience and brain. Make backups first. Store your backups on your PC. Always!!!

All credits, thanks & compliments goes to:

@vasishath from XDA for bringing us awesome stuff for our Mi 3, Mi 4 and now Poco F1 devices! Great developer. God bless you!
2.@shahan_mik3 from XDA. Also an great developer (also Mi 3, Mi 4 and many more). Using his ROMs since 2016 (Mi 3 /Mi 4). God bless you too!
3. Our admin Ma'am @candicesu for supporting me for a very long time.

1. An unlocked bootloader
2. An existing custom recovery for faster handling. I have been using theTWRP recovery from Vasishath:https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=283470
5. Some brain and patience


The first step to your new ROM, root or even a Multi-ROM is to unlock your bootloader. The process of unlocking the bootloader is same as on other Xiaomi devices, except the Android One phones.
Because some readers here are not amused with the lengths of my threads (xD), i would suggest you a nice YouTube tutorial.
Thanks @Get Droid Tips.

This is how I‘ve flashed my p0c0! Generally (or mostly) I am using LOS16 on my devices (mido, tissot, bacon…). LOS is my daily driver (or sometimes NOS). So that is my primary ROM.  Because I am curios and always have something to test, I do flash other ROMs as secondaries: MIUI10 (from Xiaomi.eu or mi globeROM), NOS, Arrow OS and more. I have also successfully flashed gsi like Benzo ROM. My device is generally encrypted (most important). Be aware of the fact, that you can have a lockscreen password either on primary or secondary. Read the FAQ carefully in the Vasishath‘s Multi-ROM thread on XDA:

Let‘sgo guys!

1. Go torecovery
2. Flash the Multi-ROM.zip
3. Flash the Multi-ROM recovery

Flashfirst the Multi-ROM.zip, then the Multi-ROM recovery

4. Reboot to recovery, to see if everything‘s fine
5. Let us assume, you‘re using Lineage OS at the moment. From now it should be your „Primary“ ROM (internal).
When later flashing another custom ROM as primary, don‘t forget to flash the latest vendor image as well.
6. Now you wish to use any ROM as secondary (for example Pixel Experience):

Flash the secondary ROM of your choice

7. Or do you rather wish to flash aProject Treble gsi ROM? OK, download the gsi of your choice (BenzoROM, RR, AOSP or any other)!
8. Extract the imgage(.img) out of the system. Use an unziper of your choice   right click on the .xz file  extract here!
9. Flash it like this:

Flash an gsi of your choice as secondary

10. Do you want to flash Magisk?  Then proceed here:

Flash Magisk! Don't forget to install the MagiskMangaer app later, once you have booted your system!

11. You need gapps? Then repeat the procedure, but choose the gapps ofyour choice!
12. Done? Want to change to boot order or your default ROM (to boot). No problem:

Here you can select, which ROM shoul be booted

13. Your boot screen will  look like this :

14. Important: if you have flashed Magisk 17.3, don‘t forget to install the MagiskManager app (I am using v6.0.1(151), once you have booted your selected  ROM!

OK, friends that were the basics about flashing and using a Multi-ROM. The most smartphone users don‘t need this hack and honestly, it is not an must-have. But for all curious guys and developers a pretty and useful toy.
My intention was simply to inform you. The stuff is very complex and writing all about it, would fill many threads. Therefore I would recommend you few things to read, watch and learn:

Anawesome article on Linux Journal.


Or just follow the original Multi-ROM thread on XDA:

That's all for today, dear MIUI-ers and custom ROM lovers. Maybe you're now a bit more interested and wish to try something new on your Poco. If not, that is OK as well. My intention is always just to inform, help and share my experiences from my mobile devices.

So long! Thank you for your attention! Stay tuned!
Credits to @ydd0ras for the amazing detailed thread

2018-11-20 12:56:23
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