Snail Ride, a game where you play as a Snail, riding through the beanstalk avoiding thorns, flies, and grasshoppers. It is one of the simplest yet funny addictive games which I have played recently. The controls are so simple, with the single tap player needs to switch to the side of the beanstalk. There are powerups periodically coming after a set amount of time. There will be several missions in this game which comes periodically after each of the previous missions has been completed. The game is simple, but you have to be careful while dodging these obstacles. The more you survive, the more you score. During the power-up time, the player will destroy all the obstacles that are coming in the way and will score more too. The player needs to collect bubbles so as to get new snail characters. You can also get bubbles after completing missions, daily rewards, by watching video ads etc. The graphics used in the game is simple, but at the same time, it's eye-catching. There are about 48 snails which you can collect from the game. Till now, I have collected about 7 snails in such a short period of time, after I have started playing it. So what are you waiting for? Become a snail and ride through the forest and enjoy...

  • One Touch Smooth Controls
  • Simple, Fun and Addictive GamePlay
  • Visually Stunning Graphics
  • Rewards, Missions & Leaderboard integration


Image Credits: Google Images