Hi, POCO Fans
The Stable Update brings a few tweaks of features in the device among which one is the google lens integrated with the MIUI camera where you can access the google lens from the MIUI camera in a Jif.

Well, The Google Lens does some great tricks with the help of the camera and its search engine. The Result comes in an instant
Now, let's see how to access Google Lens on your POCO F1 device.learn more about Google Lens Click Here!!

I will give you a step by step tutorial on how to access Google Lens in the POCO F1.

Step 1
Go to the Home screen then head to the camera.

Step 2
On the top right-hand side, you could find the 3 line option.

Step 3
Press it and head into it you can find the Google Lens option on it.

Step 4
After you press on it. It will redirect you to the Google Lens app that is already available in your device from the update there.

Well, this is a simple and easy step by step process to access Google Lens in your POCO F1.

If you have any questions and doubts about this.
Feel free comments and pings me

Thanks for the support.